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Field Strength Rankings

Event rankings. The best way to compare the strength of an event's field.

StatMando's Official Rankings

StatMando's disc golf player ranking based on the events' field strength. The stronger the field, the more points up for grabs.

DG Rankings

Player ranking based on the percentage of the top field that a player won or lost against. Steve Dodge's ranking formula.

Official Player of the Year

StatMando's Official Rankings, but only the current season and no points degradation.

DGPT Points Standings

DGPT Points Standings based on PDGA results.

Disc1 Rankings

Disc Golf's version of Formula1 points. PDGA Majors & Elite events only. Idea from u/Plupandblup.

Official Power Rankings

StatMando's Power Rankings. Only 15 most recent weeks are considered. We take the 5 best non-Major performances and add it to any Majors within the timeframe.

The People's Rankings

Player ranking chosen by the fans. An aggregation of all user’s create-your-own rankings on StatMando.

Official International Rankings

StatMando's Official Rankings, but only uses non-US events. All players are considered.