StatMando Rankings

StatMando Official Rankings

1 Kristin Tattar Gannon Buhr
2 Ohn Scoggins Calvin Heimburg
3 Missy Gannon Anthony Barela
4 Holyn Handley Richard Wysocki
5 Eveliina Salonen Niklas Anttila
Our 24-month ranking to define the best players through longevity

StatMando Power Rankings

1 Holyn Handley Gannon Buhr
2 Kristin Tattar Calvin Heimburg
3 Eveliina Salonen Niklas Anttila
4 Ohn Scoggins Richard Wysocki
5 Missy Gannon Anthony Barela
Our 15-week ranking to define the hottest players of recent months

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Field Strength Rankings

Event rankings. The best way to compare the strength of an event's field

DG Rankings

Player ranking based on the percentage of the top field that a player won or lost against - Steve Dodge's ranking formula

DGPT World Standings

The DGPT World Standings in 2024

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DGPT Europe 2024 Season

DGPT Q-Series

DGPT Q-Series 2024 Season

Disc Golf Masters Tour Standings

StatMando is hosting the Disc Golf Masters Tour point standings in the 2024 season

DGPT Rookie World Standings

DGPT World Standings limited solely to 2024 eligible DGPT rookies as defined by the DGPT

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StatMando's Official Rankings, but only the current season and no points degradation

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Player ranking chosen by the fans. An aggregation of all user’s create-your-own rankings on StatMando

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StatMando's Official Rankings, but only uses non-US events. All players are considered